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Testimonial for Ether Ventures from Anushruthi Davalur; HR Development & Training

Mitsubishi-Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation; Kawasaki, Japan 

“From the moment Sunny started the session, a sudden burst of energy gushed into the room.

In my 2 years working in Japan, I have not seen the participants being so thrilled.

Sunny’s program was embedded into the last day of a 3 day leadership training. We knew we had made a great decision, when the participants left the program on a higher energy level than when they came.

Thank you sunny for the amazing experience.“


A leader will find it difficult to articulate a coherent vision unless he expresses his core values, his basic must first embark on a journey of self discovery in order to create a vision with an authentic soul. "Invictus Leadership" is one of those many journey's.

"I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul"


“Sunny’s whimsical skills of battering together a wonderful outbound/experiential leadership program, was a pure delight for the soul. We not only learned about leadership through Invictus, but most importantly we learned more about ourselves. Sunny has helped each of us individually open our eyes and look beyond what we see – dream bigger, reach higher, and believe in yourself. It was a truly refreshing experience and is only the beginning of a magical self-seeking journey. We are forever grateful to Sunny and his team for helping us find our paths in this journey.”

Eman Al Sharif