Ether Ventures is an organisation that focuses on developing people and building capabilities. At Ether Ventures we combine best practices from the Defence forces as well as HR to bring you a unique training philosophy and methodology. We offer design and implementation services in 3 areas:

  • Capability Building in Corporates: This is done through Outbound learning/team building through theatre/component building/experiential activities. 

  • Emotional Intelligence & Leadership: If you can create awareness of the way you respond to life events and manage your response to the event, you are well on your way to effectively managing yourself and in turn becomiong an effective leader. it's not what hat happens that matters, but how you respind to it that really counts.

  • Events Division: Ether Ventures Events Division aims to ensure that you achieve the best event possible. Whether it is company day, family day or a large team event they are vital in building relationships and ensure that your company becomes more successful, productive and profitable. Step this way to find out more and have all your event solutions provided in one place.....