The team at Ether Ventures consists of an eclectic mix of people from the armed forces, HR and outbound specialists. The common thread that binds everyone is their love for facilitation, outbound programs and learning.

Squadron Leader Sunny Ahuja

‘Sunny' as he is popularly known, is an ex-Air Force Pilot, alumnus of the National Defence Academy, Founder and CEO of Ether Ventures. He has been facilitating self experiential Learning workshops for the past 14 years and has an experience of over 1300 learning programs having trained over 45000 participants with leading corporate: covering aspects of Leadership, team-working, motivation, spiritual and various other behavioural dimensions. With his background as a military aviator, Sunny is precise, sharp, agile and adept at handling people as well as adventure. As the CEO, he mentors young professionals into facilitators and entrepreneurs. An avid golfer, he can hypnotize anyone with his vivid story-telling about all his glorious memories and experiences from his cadet days till yesterday!!!

Colonel S K Murthy

Col S K Murthy is a Mechanical Engineer extensively trained in India and abroad. He has carried out training throughout his career in the Army, corporate sector and with the UN. As Operations Manager of one of the largest ever programme by UNDP in Northern Iraq (US$ 1.28 Billion) and in the Sudan, he has provided leadership and carried out extensive training programmes for the National / International staff and regional groups on varied subjects and aspects to build cohesive effective teams.

Sameer Thakkar

Sameer Thakkar has been conducting soft skills and experiential learning programs/ workshops for over 8 years with Ether Ventures. He conducts mid to senior-level employee programs for corporates focusing on team building, goal setting, leadership and a host of other objective-driven learning needs.
Sameer has completed over 7000+ man-hours of training and facilitation and has conducted programs both within India and internationally. He strives to understand the dynamics of the team and its functioning before customizing the workshops or programs for organizations. He believes in a simple approach of learn, unlearn and relearn to help teams understand their strengths and work on improving shortfalls. A visual and kinesthetic person himself, he adds fun to learning and passion to his facilitation approach to make programs memorable.
Sameer has done his masters in business administration from an international university and has worked with some of the most reputed multinational companies in various capacities.

Sudarshan Singh (Chief Adventure Officer)

Around the age of 20, Sudarshan Singh completed the Basic Adventure Course followed by the Advance Course from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi. He has attended the Sports Climbing Camps organized by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation. He has been part of 3 cimbing expeditions in the Himalayas. From 2011 onwards he has been with Ether Ventures and heading the adventure team across all it's 5 locations in India and overseas. 

Siraj Ahmed (Business Development)

Siraj has a total of 16 years of business development experience in the corporate world. He began his career with Aventis Pharma. He spent 9 years in as Business Development Executive at Aventis. Subsequently, he joined as Manager – India Operations, Tamura Europe Ltd, a subsidiary of Tamura Corporation Japan. During this period, Siraj had exposure to international business, sourcing, imports, exports, setting up distribution channels, marketing and promotion of finished electronic products across India. In addition, he held the role of a Business Development Manager for the Electronics Component division of Tamura Europe Ltd. In this role, he was instrumental in setting up the business in India. At Ether Venture’s Siraj is driving Business Development.

Adventure Instructors

Apart from the facilitation team, there is also the ever-growing band of adventurers. All the Adventure Instructors of Ether Ventures are young and enthusiastic. They are all qualified from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (Darjeeling) and Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (Uttarkashi). These outdoor enthusiasts are equipped to handle adventure gear with as much dexterity as responding to sudden emergencies. The quiet background support extended by this team is indispensable for the success of Out Bound Programs.

Major Preeti Ahuja

As an alumnus of the Officers Training Academy (Chennai) and having served in the Indian Army for 10 years, Preeti has vast experience in Administration, Human Resource Management, Logistics and Inventory Management in peace time and military operations. The administration and logistics would be driving everyone insane if it hadn't been for the skilled management of Maj Preeti.