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Our journey

Ether Ventures is an organisation that touches hearts and souls and not just the mind. Through it’s experiential/ outbound learning interventions, it makes people reflect on the ‘basics’ that often get neglected.

Its journey began with a ‘hot- air balloon’. Sunny (CEO) and Siraj (Head – Business Development), brought the hot-air balloon from England to Mysore with an idea to promote adventure sports in India. They carried out tethered flights of the hot-air balloon at Mysore in March, 2004. From this experience, realization dawned that people needed experiences that brings out the child in them; absolutely pure; gives them an adrenalin rush; gives them a chance to reflect on their lives in a joyous and a positive way. With this idea, Ether Ventures, an outbound learning company was born.

Ether Ventures was founded by officers from the executive branches of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force). Leadership, Team work and camaraderie being the hallmark of the Armed Forces made the founders realize the potential and benefits of incorporating this philosophy and methodology into the ‘Indian Corporate’, as it goes without saying that these are the essential qualities in today’s corporate environment as well. The armed forces background also made one acknowledge that people benefited from stepping out of their ‘comfort zones’ which is being applied extensively in the Ether Venture’s learning environment.

From its humble beginnings, Ether Ventures has come a long way. It now provides learning opportunities to all major companies across the country. It has all India presence through our offices in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai.

The positive referrals has taken it overseas in 2011 and now Ether has a growing presence in the Middle East and Japan. It has also expanded the scope of its learning impact to include in-bound soft skills training, psychometric profiling, emotional intelligence, theatre based experiential and family outbound learning experiences. In its present form, what is unique to Ether Ventures is the credible blend of learning experts from various professional fields. The Ether environment is vibrant as it strives to bring about brainstorming and innovation through inter-mingling of each professional’s experience and expertise.