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Capability Building

Ether Ventures has revolutionized the learning methodology by letting the learner develop qualities through real life experiences - to be followed by experimentation at the work place. Our learning methodology generates enthusiasm, uprightness and courage to admit failures and then embark upon success based on lessons learnt. 

Corporate Outbound Learning/Training (OBL) 

Ether Ventures models it’s OBL on the 'experiential learning model' i.e. the process of learning by doing and ‘adventure learning approach”.

Teams participate in the various activities designed to bring out the cohesive and contributory spirit required for any successful team. Each activity is followed with a short debrief session to help your team share their thoughts about the learning that were achieved during the activity. The ‘adventure learning approach’ provides the learner with opportunities to explore real-world issues through authentic learning experiences within collaborative learning environments e.g. the outdoors. 

In the experiential learning environment, there is no teacher-student relationship. The environment is “collaborative” where everyone interacts with one another. These are common spaces where traditional hierarchical classroom roles are absent. The learner’s roles transform due to the flexibility and design of the program and environment. 

The methodology for the Corporate Outbound Learning is based on:

  • Learning through experience: We use a combination of facilitated engaging; relevant sequenced experiences, feedback, reflection and transferable learning; teaching that is appropriate for different learning styles; optimum teachable moments; promote responsibility for learning and enable the experience of mastery, learning from success as well as failure.
  • Adventure and Challenge: We impel participants into experiences that are holistically challenging (mentally, emotionally and physically) by placing them in unfamiliar settings that involve taking managable risks with uncertain outcomes.
  • Physical Activities in the Outdoors: We put participants in situations where there are real consequences, physicality and active lifestyle. During the OBL experiences we enhance supportive relationships and team synergy culture through appreciative inquiry.
  • Safe and Supportive: We use controlled environment with clearly maintained boundaries which ensure physical and emotional safety.

The outbound learning experience gives people an experience of “truly doing it”. Our programs address skills at an individual level and at a team level. Given below are some indicative areas:

Inbound Soft Skills Learning

Corporates recognise and appreciate the role of ‘soft skills' on business excellence. Today, organisations stress as much on soft skills as technical skills. People are seen as ‘talent' with the scope to learn, grow and upgrade their skills and competencies.

Organisations have varied learning and development needs that map back to their business plans. We at Ether Ventures help organisations articulate this need and map it back to a soft skill. We offer customised soft skills consulting services and learning programs to suit your specific requirement.

We offer programs for all levels across the organisation. Our methodology is 4 fold:

  • In depth learning needs assessment: We go to great lengths to understand what the need is, why is there a need, what are the effects of the skills being absent or inadequate and understand how the gap can be bridged. We conduct learning needs assessment through structured interviews i.e. Focus Group Discussion and one-on-ones
  • Develop program: Based on a thorough understanding of the need, we design the program with clear objectives. The design is carried out in a consultative manner with inputs from the customer. Our designs are highly activity-oriented. We use role-plays, case studies, audio-visual aids etc as learning tools. Based on the requirement, we create end-to-end content design
  • Program delivery: Our experienced facilitators deliver soft skills programs based on the design but are flexible to incorporate change as and when the need is felt.
  • Seek feedback: A learning intervention is only effective if there are returns. We at Ether Ventures believe in ‘learning effectiveness' and go to great lengths to ensure this is achieved through robust feedback mechanisms.

Some of our soft skills modules are listed below.